How Do I Participate?

Eligible employers must use the NGG Online Portal (Nurses' Career Start Gateway) and follow the registration and matching process outlined below:

  1. Project the availability of permanent, full-time positions within the organizations based on an analysis of staffing and operational needs.
  2. Visit the Nurses' Career Start Gateway and register as an Employer.
  3. Post NGG positions and interview new nurses considered for a NGG position (following the employer’s regular interview process).
  4. Use the NGG Online Portal to provide selected new nurses with an offer of employment in the program.
  5. Submit a budget request to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (the Ministry) through the NGG Online Portal, prior to the NGG start date, confirming:
    • The details of the offer;
    • That the union has been consulted (if applicable); and
    • The organization’s capacity and plan to transition the new nurse into permanent, full-time employment.
  6. Enter into a funding agreement with the Ministry (following Minister’s approval of the budget request).
  7. Provide the new nurse with a transition into practice period (12 weeks) in a full-time position that is above staffing complement in a clinical setting.
  8. Offer the new nurse a permanent, full-time position within one year of his/her start date in the NGG or these funds will be subject to recovery by the Ministry.
  9. Spend the reinvestment funds by March 31st of the funding year for which they were allocated or these funds will be subject to recovery by the Ministry.
  10. Submit final reports online, including financial, program and reinvestment reports and an Annual Reconciliation Report Certificate (ARRC).

Please refer to the Resources page for program guidelines, frequently asked questions, and other resources.