Health Care Sector Profiles

The Nursing Graduate Guarantee Initiative is designed to support Canadian New Graduate Nurses (Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses) by providing them with a full-time job opportunity. During this extended orientation experience, RNs and RPNs receive mentoring from senior nursing staff. Bridging Positions will be posted in a variety of health care sectors. Learn more.

Acute Care/Hospital Sector

Romi offers us some advice and takes us through a typical day in an acute care setting using the skills she learned in school.

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Long-Term Care Sector

Listen to what Joan has to say about the face paced environment of working in the long-term care home sector and other challenges that many new nurses experience.

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Home Health/Community Care Sector

What makes working in the home health/community care sector unique? Learn more about Annike experience and how it supported her sense of confidence.

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Public Health Care Sector

Find out what inspired Jason to work in public health and how the NGG initiative helped to launch his career.

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Primary Health Care Sector

Caitlin presents us with some of the many rewards of working in the primary health care sector.

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Underserviced Areas

Are you looking for a role that gives you a rewarding and exciting opportunity? See what Aric has to say about the benefits of working in an underserviced community.

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