Nursing Graduate Guarantee Overview

The Nursing Graduate Guarantee Initiative is designed to support Canadian New Graduate Nurses (Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses) by providing them with a full-time job opportunity.

The new HealthForceOntario Nurses’ Career Start Gateway

The Nursing Graduate Guarantee Initiative uses the HealthForceOntario Nurses’ Career Start Gateway to link New Graduate Nurses with employers. Funding is provided to create bridging positions to support New Graduate Nurses in finding full-time employment immediately upon graduation and to provide them with an orientation that will lead to permanent employment in many cases. These employment opportunities will be available to the hospital, long-term care, home care, mental health, public health, and primary care sectors.

Register on the Nurses’ Career Start Gateway
Interested New Graduate Nurses must register on the HealthForceOntario Nurses’ Career Start Gateway to make use of the online service. New Graduate Nurses can then consult the portal and apply for bridging positions with as many employers as they wish.

Apply for Available Positions
Once a New Graduate Nurse has registered on the Gateway, she or he may apply for temporary bridging positions that have been posted by the employers. Interested employers can then invite the new graduate for an interview. New Graduate Nurses will only be competing for these positions with their peers who are also registered on the Gateway. Following interviews and if chosen as the successful candidate, employers will send a job offer through the Gateway, giving the New Graduate Nurse the chance to choose the position desired.

Apply for Temporary Registration with CNO
Once an employment offer for a temporary bridging position has been accepted, the New Graduate Nurse will need to apply for and receive Temporary Registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) before they begin their employment.

Nursing Graduate Guarantee Benefits

These temporary bridging positions allow time for the New Graduate Nurse to benefit from a lengthy "above staffing complement" orientation, while establishing a relationship with employers that would help them in securing permanent employment as jobs became available.

New Graduate Nurses will be paid sector-appropriate wages. Employers are expected to commit to best efforts to bridge the New Graduate Nurses to full-time employment.