The College of Midwives of Ontario regulates the profession of Midwifery in Ontario. The CMO was established with the proclamation of the Regulated Health Professions Act and the Midwifery Act to govern midwifery in the interest of public safety.

Registration Requirements

To practise as a midwife in Ontario, internationally educated midwives must hold a Certificate of Registration and meet the requirements set out by the CMO. To become eligible for the Certificate of Registration, internationally educated midwives must meet the following registration requirements:

  1. Be a graduate of the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program (IMPP). The IMPP is a one-year bridging program offered at Ryerson University. It is designed to offer assessment and upgrading to internationally trained midwives, to ensure that they meet the required standards to practice in Ontario.
  2. Successfully complete the Canadian Midwifery Registration Examination.
  3. Be currently certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Obstetrical Emergency Skills (ES) and Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP).
  4. Pass the Ontario Midwifery Language Proficiency Test (MLPT).
  5. Hold Canadian citizenship, landed immigrant status, or an open employment authorization.
  6. Hold membership with the Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM).
  7. Have arranged professional liability insurance through the Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM).

Upon completion of the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program (IMPP), applicants will be given a Supervised Certificate of Registration in order to meet the clinical birth numbers required by the College’s Registration Regulation, as well as to make up any gaps in clinical skills identified during the International Midwifery Pre-Registration Program. Supervision will typically last anywhere from 6 to 12 months, at that time the applicant’s Certificate of Registration will be changed from Supervised to General.

For more details, please visit the "Becoming Registered" section of the College of Midwives of Ontario website.

How the Access Centre Can Help

The Access Centre within HealthForceOntario Marketing and Recruitment Agency can assist internationally educated midwives on their path to practise in providing advisory services by appointment via telephone, in-person or Skype.

If you have previously registered as a client of the Access Centre and are seeking services offered to registered clients or have questions regarding any aspect of the licensure process, please call 416-862-2200 ext 1 or toll free 1-800-596-4046 ext 1 or e-mail

If you are not a registered client of the Access Centre and would like detailed information on the licensing process for internationally educated midwives, please register online.

Information Sessions

Information sessions bring together groups of internationally educated health professions with a common goal. These sessions focus on various aspects of the registration process. Learn more.