Physician Remuneration

Urgent Locum Tenens Program

Travel Time

Locum physicians are eligible for reimbursement of necessary travel time via the most direct route to the locum assignment, up to a maximum of 4 days per assignment. The following rates apply:

  • $459.00 per 3-4 hours
  • $918.00 per 6-8 hours
  • $1377.00 per 9-12 hours


Clinical Locum Assignment Days:

  • 1 sessional equals 3-4 clinical hours at $536.47.
  • 2 sessionals equal 6-8 clinical hours at $1072.94.
  • 3 sessionals equal 9-12 clinical hours at $1609.41.

On-call Locum Assignment Days:

  • Locum physicians must be on-call for a full 24 hours and must be present in the locum community to be eligible for a sessional payment ($1377.00).

Partial on-call work may only be claimed on assignment arrival and departure days at the following rates:

  • 1 sessional equals at least 8 hours of on-call coverage at $459.00.
  • 1 sessionals equal at least 16 hours of on-call coverage at $918.00.

A maximum of 3 sessionals can be claimed per day travel and work combined.


  • The locum physician is expected to bill fee-for-service to OHIP on days where billings exceed the sessional rate (see above); bill fee-for-service in accordance with the OHIP Schedule of Benefits.
  • The locum physician may either bill fee-for-service to OHIP, or sessional rates to HFO MRA on any approved locum day, but claiming both types of payment for the same locum day is prohibited.
  • In cases where locum reimbursement is paid directly by the hospital/community, the locum physician should contact the community or NSLP to verify whether the locum physician is eligible to claim sessionals.


  • Locum physicians are eligible for a $300.00 honorarium for each approved work assignment days or necessary travel days.
  • Only one honorarium may be claimed each day and it cannot be pro-rated.

Respite Locum Tenens Program


Arrangements are made directly with the hospital/local specialist(s).