Evidence for Health Human Resources Planning

Tools to support evidence-based health human resources planning in Ontario:

Evidence-based Planning Bulletin
Highlights resources and initiatives that support evidence-based health human resources planning.

Health Human Resources Toolkit
Helps make sense of how health human resources is organized in Ontario. 

Health Professions Database
Provides a snapshot of Ontario's regulated health professions to help plan for the future. The 2008 Health Professions Database Stat Book is now available.

HealthForceOntario Newsletter #5: Forecasting and Modelling Initiatives
Discusses forecasting and modelling initiatives.

Shares the latest in research, analytics, data, information and useful statistics from the field of health human resources.

Ontario Community Support Association Survey
Facilitates an understanding of the demographics of health professionals, staff and volunteers in the not-for profit community support sector.

Ontario Population Needs-Based Physician Simulation Model
Ontario has completed the development of a Population Needs-Based Physician Simulation Model. It compares the supply of physician services to the population’s need for health services to quantify a gap in services and the physician requirement.