Health Professions Database

Our healthcare system relies on a range of health professionals, each with unique expertise, to meet the health needs of Ontarians. However, in the past, we did not have a good grasp on the profile of these professions. For example, we knew very little about how many people were practising in these professions, where they were working, and whether Ontario had the right combination of these professionals to meet future needs. The Health Professions Database is a significant step towards having a truly representative snapshot of Ontario’s regulated healthcare workforce.

Database Needed for Sound Health Human Resources Planning

Staff at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is working with 20 health regulatory Colleges of Ontario to address this gap by creating a database that will provide the evidence we need for sound health human resources planning about this important group of health professionals. The database is an initiative of the HealthForceOntario health human resources strategy.

Database Development

Over the summer of 2008, the Ministry and 19 health regulatory Colleges worked diligently to develop a minimum data set for the Health Professions Database. Once populated, the database will provide standardized, consistent and comparable demographic, geographic, educational, and employment information on all of the regulated allied health professionals in Ontario.

The Colleges will be expanding their registration and renewal forms to collect additional information from their members. The process is supported by the Regulated Health Professions Act that requires the regulatory Colleges to collect information from their members and provide it to the Ministry for health human resources planning.

What Information Is the Health Professions Database Collecting?

The Health Professions Database Minimum Data Set (MDS) outlines important pieces of information collected by the Health Professions Database which are used for evidence-informed health human resources planning in Ontario. It is a comprehensive list that was developed in collaboration with 21 regulated health professions in Ontario.

Download PDF Versions 

2011 Health Professions Database Stat Book

2010 Health Professions Database Stat Book

2009 Health Professions Database Stat Book

2008 Health Professions Database Stat Book

Frequently Asked Questions

The Health Professions Database: Questions and Answers



1. Collection of data for the Health Professions Database

19 health regulatory Colleges will be expanding their collection of personal information about their members, including basic demographic, geographic, education and employment information, and providing this information to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in anonymized form, for health human resources planning. 

2. Authority for the collection of data for the Health Professions Database

Under section 36.1 of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA), the Ministry can request that regulatory colleges collect information, including personal information, from their members, and that this information be provided to the Ministry of Health and Long - Term Care.  The RHPA provisions authorize the Ministry to collect this information from the Colleges, and use and disclose it, only for the purpose of health human resources planning, which means ensuring the sufficiency and appropriate distribution of health providers. 

If you have any questions about the collection, you can contact the Ministry's Health Professions Database Project Lead at or your regulatory College.