Interprofessional Care

Interprofessional Care is the provision of comprehensive health services to patients by multiple health care professionals who work collaboratively to deliver the best quality of care in every health care setting. It encompasses partnership, collaboration and a multi-disciplinary approach to enhancing care outcomes and is the cornerstone of the HealthForceOntario strategy.

The need for interprofessional care resides in understanding that:

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Final Report of IPCSIC

Thank-you from Assistant Deputy Ministers Dr. Joshua Tepper and Nancy Naylor

  • Trend data indicates that Ontario faces a significant reduction in its health human resources workforce by 2010.
  • Unless new ways of practising health care are introduced, Ontario will face a significant shortage of health care workers and Ontarians will risk receiving sub-optimal care.
  • The education system needs to prepare current and future providers to work in multi-disciplinary, collaborative, team-based models.
  • Interprofessional care can help improve patient care while increasing provider satisfaction within a respectful and collaborative environment.