Meet the Leadership Team

Roz Smith | Executive Director

Roz leads the operation of HealthForceOntario Marketing and Recruitment Agency (the agency/HFO MRA). Working in collaboration with the Board of Directors, Roz is responsible for determining the agency’s strategic direction as well as providing financial and program oversight. Roz also liaises with the Health Workforce Planning and Regulatory Affairs Division of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to align the agency’s goals and strategies with those of the province. Dedicated to fulfilling the agency’s mission, she affirms the agency’s programs and services inspire, develop, and drive health human resources solutions.

Hugh Hasan | Director, Corporate Services

Hugh oversees agency corporate infrastructure. These functions include: Finance, Procurement, Information Technology, ethics, privacy, legal and compliance requirements (including AODA). He also is responsible for Operations, which includes program administration, risk management, archives and recording, and facilities. Additionally, Hugh provides leadership for the Clerkship Travel Program and the administration of Physician Assistant Career Start Program.

Dave Mackey | Director, Community Supports

Dave is responsible for the agency’s four locum programs: the Emergency Department Locum Program (EDLP), the Northern Specialist Locum Programs (NSLP), the Rural Family Medicine Locum Program (RFMLP), and the General Practitioner Vacancy Locum Coverage Arrangements (GPVLCA). He also provides leadership for the Regional Advisors (RAs), who assist hospitals, employers and stakeholders with their community-based recruitment and retention initiatives and support residents with their transition to independent practice. Dave is also responsible for the agency’s Communications unit.

Jasmine Singh | Director, Health Workforce Integration

Jasmine is responsible for the agency’s licensure and integration services. She oversees the Physician Assistant Career Start Program, External Recruitment Services and Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHP) Advisory Services, which supports IEHPs living in Ontario to pursue a career in Ontario’s health-care system. Additionally, Jasmine has responsibility for HFOJobs, an online job portal for physicians, nurses, and allied health professions, and for supporting the Nurses’ Career Start Gateway as part of the Nursing Graduate Guarantee Program.