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Succession Planning for Health-Care Organizations and Recruiters | Recruitment Essentials

Succession Planning for Health-Care Organizations and Recruiters

Succession planning for physicians is a dynamic, ongoing process, which supports the continuity of patient care and is an important element of an overall recruitment strategy. This guide will help organizations and recruiters develop a picture of local physician human resources needs now and into the future, and create and execute a plan to address those needs.

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Marketing | Recruitment Essentials


To strategically promote your community/organization and attract health-care professionals, you need to develop a marketing plan. This updated module guides you through a series of steps to develop an effective plan.

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Locums | Recruitment Essentials

Locums: Making Them “Work” for You and Your Community!

Locum placements are an important part of your community’s recruitment and retention strategy. This updated module shares best practices to assist you with finding locum physicians, and to provide a positive experience for the locum physicians and your hospital or community.

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Physician Recruitment
and Retention | Recruitment Essentials

Physician Recruitment and Retention

Recruiting physicians with appropriate skill sets and who are the “right fit” for your community helps to support longer-term physician retention. This updated module guides you through the steps for successful physician recruitment and provides retention strategies.

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Working with Media | Recruitment Essentials

Working with the Media

Today’s recruiter must be media savvy in understanding traditional and new media. This updated module will help you to better understand how to promote your organization/service in the media and how to effectively deliver your message to your audience.

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Licensing and Supervision | Recruitment Essentials

Licensing and Supervision

Obtaining a license to practice in Ontario can be a complex process. This updated module will help you better understand the licensing process for physicians in Ontario.

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Customer Relationship Management | Recruitment Essentials

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consists of a system to acquire and retain current and prospective customers. This updated module provides advice on how and when to communicate with your clients to create a positive interaction every time.

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Social Media | Recruitment Essentials

Social Media

Social Media is a basket of tools that allows us to talk to one another through the Internet. This updated module explains how recruiters can incorporate social media tools – including more recent tools such as Google+ and Pinterest – into their outreach strategy.

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