Open Government

The government recently announced a number of initiatives supporting the Premier’s commitment to Open Government by promoting greater transparency in classified agencies. Beginning April 1, 2015, specific governance documents and expense information for classified agencies must be posted on the classified agency website.

Transfer Order

Transfer Order - PDF

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

All classified agencies require an MOU. The MOU is an administrative agreement between the responsible Minister and the agency that reflects the accountability framework and guides the mutual understanding of responsibilities of both the responsible minister and the chair of a classified agency.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) - PDF

Annual Business Plan

All non-advisory classified agencies are required to post their most recently tabled Business Plan. The annual Business Plan maps out the agency’s strategic direction and upcoming activities for the next three fiscal years. All agencies must have their responsible Minister approve their business plan annually. 

To ensure that confidentiality and privacy are maintained, these documents do not contain any information that could affect the security of a person, place or thing, is commercially sensitive, or contains confidential information about human resources and labour relations as listed above.

2015-18 Business Plan - PDF
2014-17 Business Plan
 - PDF
2014-17 Business Plan Supplement
 - PDF

Business Plans are posted after they are approved by the government. 

Annual Report

All non-advisory classified agencies are required to post their most recently tabled Annual Report. The Annual Report includes performance targets, agency performance, financial statements and appointees. Agencies with legislative requirements to table their annual reports are required to do so prior to posting their annual report.

2016-17 Annual Report - PDF
Past Reports

Annual Reports are posted after they are approved by the government.

Expense Information

2019-06 - 2019-08 Expenses - PDF | CSV
2019-03 - 2019-05 Expenses - PDF | CSV
2018-12 - 2019-02 Expenses - PDF | CSV
2018-09 - 2018-11 Expenses - PDF | CSV
2018-06 - 2018-08 Expenses - PDF | CSV
2018-03 - 2018-05 Expenses - PDF | CSV
2017-12 - 2018-02 Expenses - PDF | CSV
2017-07 - 2017-11 Expenses - PDF | CSV

Past Reports

Description of Categories of Expense Information - PDF

Open Data Directive

  • Ontario’s Open Data Directive requires every provincial agency to publish a list of all the datasets they create, collect and/or manage as their Data Inventory.
  • The Data Inventory lists all data sets and identifies whether a data set is currently open, in the process of being opened or exempt from being released as open data due to legal, security, privacy, confidentiality or commercially-sensitive reasons.
  • Publishing public Data Inventories is part of Ontario’s commitment to improve transparency, accountability and openness.

Data Inventory - CSV
Dataset - Clerkship Travel Program
Dataset - HFOJobs