Ontario Physician Locum Programs

The Ontario Physician Locum Programs (OPLP) provide centralized and coordinated locum physician assistance for hospitals, communities and physicians across the province.

OPLP also offers advisory and information services to hospitals, communities and physicians to promote local solutions for physician coverage.

Emergency Department Locum Program

The Emergency Department Locum Program (EDLP) assists hospitals to avert closure of an Emergency Department due to physician unavailability. EDLP provides urgent locum coverage as an interim measure of last resort to designated hospitals facing significant challenges covering Emergency Department shifts.

Northern Specialist Locum Programs

The Northern Specialist Locum Programs (NSLP) provide replacement and vacancy specialist locum coverage to designated Northern Ontario communities. The NSLP consist of two programs: the Urgent Locum Tenens Program and the Respite Locum Tenens Program.

Rural Family Medicine Locum Program

The Rural Family Medicine Locum Program (RFMLP) maintains ongoing primary medical care in eligible communities in Ontario by providing temporary, short-term replacement coverage for practising rural family physicians.