Resources for Family Medicine Locums in Rural and Northern Communities

Check out the resources below to support your Rural and Northern Locum experience!

Guide for Family Medicine Locums in a Rural or Northern Community

Locuming in rural and Northern Ontario can be an exciting and rewarding experience with unique benefits. This checklist is intended to help Family Medicine locums stay organized and have a positive locum experience. Learn More - PDF

Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP) Rural Medicine Mentorship Network

The new Rural Medicine Initiative Network, within the OCFP’s Collaborative Mentoring Networks, is supporting rural physicians who address and manage a wide range of health-care needs in their communities, including providing emergency care. Areas of focus for the OCFP Rural Medicine Initiative Network include interprofessional education, development of a rural mentoring network, and support for locum development and retention.

The work of the mentoring network is now underway with the initial focus on the North East, North West and South West LHINs. If you are a physician in one of these regions and are interested in becoming a mentee, please complete the mentee intake survey.

Resources for Locuming in Francophone Communities

Réseau du mieux-être francophone du Nord de l’Ontario supports engagement in providing quality French language health care services for Francophones by providing tools, training, and workshops to help with the planning of French-language services. Learn more about Réseau resources for health providers.

Rural Family Medicine Locum Program (RFMLP) Program Resources

Rural Family Medicine Locum Program (RFMLP) supports locums in rural and Northern Ontario locum by reimbursing training cost to support Family Physicians’ ability to gain hospital privileges and to provide culturally safe care in Indigenous communities. Course fees are eligible for reimbursement if participating in at least one RFMLP approved locum assignment within 6 months of course date.