How do I apply to participate in RFMLP and set up a locum assignment?

All RFMLP locums are arranged directly between the locum physician and the community. To schedule an assignment, please review all available locum opportunities on and contact communities directly for scheduling. Once you’ve scheduled a locum assignment, the community will contact RFMLP directly for approval. Prior to completing a locum assignment, physicians are required to submit the RFMLP Locum Physician Expense Form and Banking Information Form as well as a void cheque for direct deposit of payments.

When can I expect my expense claim to be reimbursed?

Locum physicians can expect funds to be deposited 4 - 6 weeks from the date a complete RFMLP Locum Physician Expense Form and all original receipts are received by our office. Expense claims that do not include number of clinic days in the locum community and/or are missing signatures are not complete and will not be processed. Incomplete claims will result in payment delays and will not be reimbursed in the 4 – 6 week timeframe. Deposit slips are sent to locum physicians (via email) once payments have been processed and should be reviewed upon receipt.

I’ve received my payment and noticed discrepancies on my deposit slip. What does that mean?

Please review the comments provided for all discrepancies on the deposit slip as well as the guidelines and parameters for physicians (posted on our site) prior to contacting RFMLP. If additional information or documentation is required, please forward to RFMLP via fax/email/post to be reviewed for an additional payment. If you require additional information regarding the parameters or eligible fees/expenses, please contact RFMLP by phone (1-800-596-4046 ext 3) or by email (