Ministry Programs

It is the province’s strategy to ensure that Ontarians have access to the right number and mix of qualified health care providers, now and in the future. Here's how we’re making it happen:

Education and Training

Ensuring Ontarians have access to the right number and mix of qualified health care providers through the following education and training programs:

International Medical Graduate Program
The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has information about entry-level training positions, advanced-level specialty training and practice-ready assessment positions.

Re-entry Training Positions for Canadian Physicians
Through the Re-Entry Program, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) offers funding each year for physicians currently practicing in Canada to re-enter postgraduate medical training.  

Repatriation Program: Additional Postgraduate Medical Training Positions in Ontario
The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care funds additional postgraduate medical training positions in Ontario to recruit physicians who have completed or partially completed postgraduate residency training outside Canada and require up to 2 years of training to meet the national certification requirements of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Funding and Incentives

Fostering excellence and innovation in health human resources in Ontario.

Northern Health Programs
The Northern Health Programs (NHP) of Underserviced Area Program (UAP) is one of a number of supports provided by the ministry to help rural, remote and Northern communities recruit and retain health professionals.

Northern and Rural Recruitment and Retention Initiative (NRRRI)
The NRRRI offers taxable financial recruitment incentives to each eligible physician who establishes a full-time practice in an eligible community of the province. The grants range between $84,718 and $124,730 paid over a four-year period. The financial recruitment incentives will be awarded based on eligibility criteria and considerations related to total NRRRI budget allocations.