Initiate a Locum Assignment

Once you have a found a locum physician, please complete the Application to Acquire Locum Service form to initiate the contract.

Application to Acquire Locum Service Form

After you receive your contract from RFMLP, ensure the identified rural physician(s) and the locum physician sign the contract, and return it to HFO MRA promptly by fax: 1-866-535-2694.

Communities are to provide all locum physicians the following forms prior to the locum assignment.

  • RFMLP Banking Information Form - PDF. This form is to be used by new physicians and physicians who need to update their banking information.
  • RFMLP Locum Physician Expense Form - PDF. Locum physicians are to use one expense form for each authorized assignment period. Note: Original receipts (paid and issued in the locum physician’s name) must be submitted for any applicable claims. 

Note: Locum physicians are to make their own travel arrangements. All eligible stipends and travel expenses are paid directly to the locum physician. (RFMLP cannot reimburse communities for any physician travel expenses).