Access Centre sessions and events bring together groups of internationally educated health professionals with a common goal. All sessions are offered exclusively via online webinar.

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Orientation to Licensing
Orientation sessions provide an important introduction to the steps, considerations and resources necessary for Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs) to pursue licensing in Ontario.

Recorded webinars are available for:
  • Dentists
  • Medical Laboratory Technologists
  • Medical Radiation Technologists
  • Nurses
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Physicians
  • Physiotherapists
Send an email to to request access to the recorded webinar for your profession.
Online Question and Answer Sessions
If you have already attended an Orientation session and you have questions, online Question and Answer sessions are offered regularly.

Send an email to for details.
Alternative Careers for Internationally Educated Health Professionals
This online session is designed for Internationally Educated Health Professionals who are looking to pursue an alternative career that is different from their previous licensed health profession. It is intended to help participants explore meaningful career options.

Participants will:
  • Learn about the Ontario health care and social assistance sector: job market/prospects, types of employers,
  • Learn about regulated health professions in Ontario,
  • Explore the alternative career paths for internationally educated health professionals, and
  • Learn about Access Centre services and online resources.
Orientation to the Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program (IENCAP)
The goal of this live online webinar is to help participants become familiar with the format and content of the IENCAP, which is a part of the College of Nurses of Ontario’s assessment process for Internationally Educated Nurses.

The webinar will include:
  • An overview of the IENCAP and OSCE.
  • Review of competencies covered in the exam and common questions.
  • Strategies and resources to help participants prepare.
Include the date you are scheduled to take the IENCAP assessment in your email request (if you have a confirmed exam date).

You must have received direction from the CNO to take the IENCAP assessment.
Finding Opportunities in the Canadian Health Care Sector
This workshop is designed for Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs) who are interested in finding opportunities to gain exposure to the Canadian Health Care System.

Participants will:
  • Learn about the importance in having Canadian experience as it relates to their portfolio in Canada
  • Recognize where to locate key opportunities for themselves
  • Identify techniques and strategies for finding an opportunity
Orientation to Canadian Health Care System: Competencies, Culture and Communication
The aim of this webinar is to facilitate a brief understanding of the Canadian health care system:
  • Brief history and values of the Canadian Health Care System,
  • The Canada Health Act,
  • Roles of the federal, provincial and territorial governments,
  • Delivery of health care and level of care, and
  • Importance of patient-centered and culturally competent care, ethical practice, inter-professional collaboration, and effective communication.

Visit our Resources for Internationally Educated Health Professionals in Ontario page for other resources that you might find helpful.