Practice Ontario Newsletter

2019 Winter Issue - PDF
Understanding physician recruitment stakeholders.

2019 Fall Issue - PDF
Practical tips to help you make decisions about where to practice.

2018 Summer Issue - PDF
Learn about the benefits of Indigenous cultural safety training.

2017 Fall Issue - PDF
Learn about training and working as a hospitalist in Ontario.

2017 Summer Issue - PDF
Explore family practice anaesthesia and other enhanced skills as a career option.

2016 Fall Issue - PDF
Learn about the benefits of working at a Community Health Centre. 

2016 Spring Issue - PDF
What you need to consider when taking over a practice from a retiring physician.

2015 Fall Issue - PDF
There’s no place like home: One physician explains why she returned to Sudbury to practice. 

2015 Spring Issue - PDF
Create the multi-disciplinary family practice you envision for yourself while in training.

2014 Fall Issue - PDF
Learn about the benefits of practising in a rural Northern community.